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about Julie

Hi I'm Julie Levin. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a certified Hypnotherapist. I work with adults who were shamed, judged, controlled or otherwise abused or neglected in childhood. I find my clients to be wonderful human beings who were led to believe that they could never be good enough. They are constantly striving to prove their worth at work, in relationships, and as parents. They often turn to food or other substances to self-medicate the anxiety, shame, depression, and low self-esteem that come from the inaccurate beliefs they formed about themselves in their early relationships.

Our work involves looking at those beliefs from a new perspective. As adults, we can see more clearly that our parents' beliefs about us may not have been right. They may have been motivated by their insecurities or need for control, rather than our best interest. As clients realize that their parents may have been wrong, they can begin developing the self-care skills that were never taught when they were little. They learn to stop striving and proving themselves all the time, and to enjoy life more. They learn to identify loving, nurturing, safe relationships, and let go of those that are harmful. They discover all that is wonderful about themselves and about life.

I see clients in my office in Pleasant Hill, California (near San Francisco) or by Skype or phone. Please visit my website at www.julielevin.com to learn more.

Call my office:925-335-6441
Or text me: 925-335-6441