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If you've spent your life dieting and you're tired of fighting an uphill battle, you're not alone. 95% of all diets fail within 2 years. This is important. It means you're not a failure. Indeed, quite the opposite. If you're like most people, you've shown tenacity and determination in the face of a truly difficult and painful challenge.

Diets fail for two reasons. First, they don't address your physiology. You may not have skinny DNA. Contrary to the shaming popular wisdom, there is not a thin person inside every fat person waiting to get out. There are a wide variety of bodies, shapes and sizes, just like there is a wide variety of heights among humans. Second, diets don't address the emotional reasons we eat.

This series of visualizations addresses both of these concerns. If you use food to soothe your distress, these podcasts will help you find new ways of taking care of yourself, so you don't have to turn to food. As you stop using food to dampen feelings, you may lose weight. But that's not the emphasis here. These podcasts emphasize loving yourself unconditionally. After all, one of the things emotional eaters eat over is shame from being "too fat."

Imagine living a life without shame. Imagine loving yourself deeply, without judgment or condition. Imagine living fully, enjoying the activities and relationships that make you feel joyful. Imagine knowing that this life is yours to live and love, no matter what your size or the number on the scale.

Throughout these visualizations, you will be guided to eat like a "normal eater." That is, to eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full, and have a wide variety of foods in your diet - lots of healthful fresh food, but no crazy diet rules. If you want cake, have cake - like a normal eater. You can have piece of cake that satisfies you, rather than eating none, or eating the a whole cake for fear that the diet police will never let you have cake again.

You'll also be invited to do fun things that involve movement. Exercise should be a natural part of the activities you love, not a punishment for eating too much, or a way to earn calories. You should stretch because your body feels tight or sluggish. You should go for a walk or a bike ride to enjoy a beautiful day. Your body can be a source of pleasure, and fun. Strength, flexibility and stamina are just tools that allow you to have more fun.

This method is not for everyone. You have to have enough experience with diets and exercise programs failing you to know that you just want to live a sane, happy and healthy life - regardless of your size. If you're ready for that kind of freedom, you're in the right place.